My Story

Hi! I’m Jodie.

To make a long story short, I’ve always been a planner by nature. Hard working, dedicated, and always on the go (usually with a cup of coffee!). A busy lifestyle is one I enjoy.  

While working as an Account Executive in NYC and planning corporate events, Particular Planner came to fruition when planning my own wedding.

Like many of you, I had visions of my wedding day being a very particular way.

While working with a vendor, they cheekily mentioned how “particular” I was with details. I immediately thought, “What’s wrong with being particular?!”

But instead of being put out, I took action and voila! Particular Planner was founded!  Throughout the process, I’ve come to realize that my clients are most appreciative of my particular ways, being meticulous, and detail-oriented which have all led to the execution of flawless events.

A year later, with the support and encouragement from friends and family, Particular Planner has launched with the mission of serving the modern day couple and beyond.

A native of Philadelphia, PA, I’ve since made roots as a newlywed in New Jersey with my two loves, Trevor and Theodore.

I’d love for you to stick around and browse my services, catch up on the blog, or get in touch so we can chat about your next big event!